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Eventually all headlights will cloud, so getting your headlights done while they are new is an excellent option to keep you safer and looking good from the start!

How it All Began PDF Print E-mail

The Clear Lights® concept was born many years ago out of Norm's customers' needs at his shop in Delaware. Customers continually asked if Norm could help them make their headlights look better, but more importantly, help them to be able to see at night.  Their high beams looked like low beams and they were having a terrible time seeing.  Not only that, their car looked old and dirty even after it was just washed and waxed.  Until recently, the only available help was to buy a new headlight assembly, but that could cost the customer anywhere from $200.00 to $1600.00 per headlight depending upon the make and model, and they would still have to pay to have it installed and aimed.  Many attempts were made to polish the headlights to try to clear them up with very poor, temporary results.  Then, along came headlight cleaning kits, and as they produced a little bit better results, it was no match to a brand new headlight.  These results were also only temporary, lasting at most, a few months.  So, on Norm went, experimenting with different ideas he had, getting better and better results until he got it just right!

As Clear Lights became a company of it's own, our customers started to ask for help with other problems they had with their cars, namely faded, discolored black and gray trim that aged their vehicles.  The traditional products available on the market were not up to Clear Lights' standards, and again, were only temporary.  So, off Norm went again to try to help our customers.  Through experimentation, Norm has created a trim restoration that will last 3+ years with our guarantee that it will or we will fix it for free, no questions asked.  As you might guess, Norm is still at work creating new, affordable, and guaranteed ways to keep vehicles looking great for years to come. 


For years now, Norm has been offering his services to his customers and their referrals.  Folks have been so happy with the results, that they bring in their new (to them) vehicles, their children’s vehicles, tractor trailers, RVs, and more.  Years later, customers continued to be pleased with how great their restorations looked.  Knowing how dangerous cloudy headlights are, and how unsightly they can be on all types of vehicles, Norm wanted to do more than service just his local customers, he wanted to reach as many folks as possible to let them know that they had a choice.  That they didn’t have to drive with their high beams on at night just to still barely see, that their children could be safer day and night, and that they no longer had to just wish their headlights and trim looked better, they could actually do something about it. Out of his desire to help folks on a larger scale, and his immense desire to help others get satisfaction from owning their own business, Norm and his wife Amy decided to use Clear Lights' restoration systems to train others to restore headlights and trim..  This not only helps more folks be safe, it helps to create jobs and stimulates our economy.  It gives people an opportunity to be in business for themselves and be in control of their own financial future.