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To the Future Customers of Clear Lights,

My name is Zeb Zebley and I am the co-owner of Atlantic Auto Brokers in Harrington, DE.  My partner and I have been in the auto sales business for over 25 years selling thousands of vehicles each year at our dealership and at public and dealer auto auctions. When selling vehicles at auction and on the lot, the old saying of, “You only get one chance at a first impression." is truly the case. Detailing the vehicle is a crucial part of preparing the vehicle for sale, including restoring those headlights and trim!! We have seen many attempts to restore headlights over the years, from over the counter products to “wonder” products sold by traveling salesmen, to just about anything you can imagine.

Clear Lights of Harrington, DE are the absolute best at headlight restoration and trim renewal that we have ever seen in the automobile business. Mr. Norm Mullen brings his years of experience to this process including his warm and friendly personality. After seeing with my own eyes, I was amazed to watch Norm bring a chalked out, fogged over set of headlights back to looking brand new. The finished product that Norm provides to his customers is no less than incredible! We support Norm and Clear Lights every chance we get to help increase the sale of our vehicles on the lot and at auction. It just completes the detailing process when the headlights and trim look Brand New again. Atlantic Auto Brokers endorses Clear Lights and Norm Mullen, he is the Best!!


R. Zeb Zebley
Atlantic Auto Brokers



I just bought a car from someone and one of their selling points was that they had the headlights restored by Clear Lights and I thought, "Big deal.", but then they showed me a picture of the van before the headlights were done and I was astonished.  The van is an older model Ford and the lights were completely white before they got restored by you guys and now they are crystal clear.  That was all cool, but then I asked the seller how long before I had to get them done again, because now, after seeing the before picture, I never wanted them to look like that again.  He told me that they were guaranteed to stay looking that good as long as the van was on the road.  What?!  Well, so now I'm not believing him because he just wants to sell me the van.  No one offers transferable warranties.  So I told him I'd get back to him and called your office to see if he was telling the truth.  He was!  I can't believe you offer a transferable warranty AND you said, with no questions asked!  What?!  You guys ROCK!



Hey guys, thanks so much for helping me get my Avalanche sold.  Once I had you guys restore all the trim on it, it sold like lightning!  The best part of it was that there was another Avalanche on the lot that was newer than mine that ran the same night [at auction] as mine and mine sold and his didn't.  His finally sold 5 weeks later and he got thousands less than I did.  Doing that trim made all the difference in the world!



What a difference Clear Lights makes!  I know I sound like a commercial, but the difference really is night and day. They give a lifetime guarantee on this restoration.  I can see now!  Before it was like driving with two flashlights hooked to the front, now they're real headlights. Waaayyyy cheaper than buying new ones.

Sherri G


Clear Lights is the smartest and best investment I've made for my car!

Mike M
Magnolia, DE


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!  I just can't get over how nice my car looks!  It looks newer and cleaner and I can SEE!!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!



Hey guys,

Man, I just had to let you guys know how great my headlights look!  Like I told you, I tried a bunch of those kits and had my lights supposedly restored by one of the local mechanic shops and nothing worked.  (You get what you pay for, right?) You guys were my last hope before I broke down and bought new headlights.  I was really hoping you guys were the real deal and hot dogs were you ever!!  I don't have anywhere in particular to go, but my car looks so darned good, I'm going for a drive just for the heck of it!! 

Thanks again man!!!

Ocean City, MD



Thank you very much for everything you do for our family and for me.  The truck looks great! 

Thanks again,

CJ Faison
#39 Racing Team
Nascar K&N Pro Series East

Nascar Truck Series


Norm and Amy.

My son had his headlights restored at your shop about 2 years ago and although they looked almost new, I was skeptical about how long they would stay looking that nice.  I had heard stories of how the kits you can buy on TV and in the stores didn't last long and knew that some headlight restoration places used the kits.  I thought maybe you guys were the same.  Boy did you prove me wrong!  His headlights look exactly the same as they did the day he got them done!  We just bought a brand new Chevy and we are bringing it to you to do the headlights so they will never fade out or be cloudy.  I must say, I am impressed.

Your honesty, professionalism, and friendly service are unmatched.

J. Elaine



I just wanted to let you know I am so happy I can drive at night again.  I have problems with my eyes and I can barely see the road at night.  I thought it was just my eyes, but you said it would help a lot if my headlights were restored.  I was amazed!  Not only can I drive at night now, and see, it makes my car look cleaner! 

Thank you so much, they look awesome!

Wyoming, DE


I was driving through Wilmington late in the evening and it was raining and my dad asked if I had my lights on.  You couldn't even see them reflect on the road the lenses were so tarnished.  A couple weeks later I stopped by the shop and I asked Norm if he could get me new headlights and he said that wasn't necessary; that he had a cleaning process that he was developing.  That was in 2007 and my headlights still look brand new and the van never sees a garage.  It sits out in the elements 24/7. When my second car [headlights] started fogging, he came right to my driveway and finished within a half hour.  I just had my third car done today.  Clear Lights is a guaranteed product that lasts for the life of the car; always done by professionals who are fast and courteous, AND at a price that can't be beat.

Bob McMullen
Dover, DE


I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am that I'm actually able to see again to drive at night.  My high beams looked like low beams, and night driving was dangerous.  Not only can I see now, my car looks newer and cleaner!



I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my headlights since they were restored.  Not only can I see farther down the road at night, my headlights look like new again!  It`s amazing how much nicer my vehicle looks now with clear lenses.  Even the rear lenses turned out better than I expected.

My friends ask me how much I paid for new lenses.  I tell them they are the same ones I've always had.  Then when I tell them how much money I saved restoring them, they are amazed.  Plus the lifetime guarantee is the best in the business.

Camden, DE