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Clear Lights® is committed to clean air, healthy soil, & clean drinking water.

Our restorative repairs do not harm our environment. 

Our restorations do not negatively affect any air or water quality standards.

We do not dump any chemicals or cause chemical waste.

Our licensees are strongly encouraged to learn and fully understand Federal EPA, State, and their local laws and regulations regarding air and water quality, and all must be in compliance according to the terms in their licensing agreement.

Our restoration specialists are trained and held to strict standards by our company to make every effort to leave no chemical footprint on our planet.

Our company uses recycled copy paper, shop towels, paper towels, etc. 

We reuse everything we possibly can until it is no longer usable, then, if allowed by our waste disposal provider, we recycle it.

Each licensee is strongly encouraged to utilize the recycling programs available through their local waste disposal provider.

We strive to keep our impact from vehicle emissions as low as possible by strongly suggesting that our licensees drive fuel efficient vehicles, keep them regularly maintained, and teach efficient scheduling habits.

As they are not recyclable, getting your headlights restored, as opposed to replaced, literally keeps an amazing, hundreds of thousands of headlights out of our landfills each year!