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Your safety when driving at night is important. Cloudy headlights can be very dangerous. With your vision already limited at night, dim or badly lit lenses are the biggest reason for night time car accidents.  Institute for Highway Safety

According to the National Institute for Highway Safety, along with the preceding 10 years of traffic accident statistics, lighting is the most vital issue linked to accidents at night.

The National Institute for Highway Safety also says that if you have cloudy or worn and yellow headlights you are taking a big and unnecessary risk when you drive at night.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that a driver's night vision is reduced by 50% if their headlights are yellow, cloudy or unclear.

State and Federal Guidelines require that your headlights illuminate at least 150 feet in front of your vehicle. If your clouded headlights diminish this visibility, your car will not pass inspection.

According to the National Institute for Traffic and Highway Safety, the number one reason for severe nighttime accidents and reduced driving safety, is dim or cloudy and improperly lit headlights.

Allstate Insurance tells their customers via their website,, that the rate of traffic deaths is three times higher at night than during the day, and one of the major culprits is reduced light.

Drivers rely on their vision for about 90% of their ability to react quickly according to the National Safety Council.

Allstate Insurance
also states on its website that headlights are one of the critical components of safe driving, increasing a driver's ability to see and be seen.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today has dirty or yellowed headlights that greatly reduce vision and need to be replaced or professionally cleaned [restored].

AAA goes on to say that the problem is not always the bulb, but in the outer plastic lens that makes the lighting dim, cloudy, worn, and blurry, and exposure to such lighting conditions triggers accidents at night.

Clear headlights are not just a convenience, they're a necessity. 

Help your clients and their families be safe.